Data Digitization Services

We provide a wide range of Data Digitization Services


Whether small scale or large scale, every business needs proper digitization to allow effectiveness and facilitate proper delivery. If you are a business owner and you are still thinking about how best you can get this done smoothly, here is your last stop.

Our company is aimed at providing efficient and reliable digitization services. All you need to do is reach out to us with your requirements, and we will put all things in place.  We have all the digital help you need as we offer one of the best outsourcing services to individuals, startups, small, medium or large companies.

Why do you need digitization?

  • Easy access to documents

With digitization, you don’t need to scrabble through loads of files and papers to retrieve information. You have access to all documents at your fingertips. Your documents are easy to reach, so retrieval and editing are much easier.

  • Easy to transport

Moving of bulky and voluminous documents is done with just a few clicks. Sending files across your offices all over the country and across the continent becomes easier than ever.

  • Smooth Duplicate

Digitization makes it possible to make several copies of a particular document or file in the most convenient manner.

  • Improved Performance

Digitization provides a smooth and more convenient working environment for your staff and co-workers. This helps to improve performance and enhance business growth.

  • Document security

Keeping your documents in cloud storage is safe and reliable. It is an excellent way to prevent loss or damage.

Why outsource digitization services?

Now that you are convinced that you need digitization services, have you also considered outsourcing?

Digitization involves scanning your documents and saving them on the computer or even in the cloud. It sounds pretty simple, and you think you can do it all by yourself.

We offer you our affordable digitization services to help you save time and stress. Our company uses trained personnel who are experts with all the different types of hardware or software needed for proper digitization. We observe all security protocols and move your document to safety.

Our company provides Digitization services, which includes;

Data Conversion Services

We have experts who critically assess your data and determine the best approach that suits your needs. Our professionals understand that every business has its uniqueness, so the selected approach will always suit individual projects.

Our Data Conversion services include:
  • Document Conversion
  • Document Scanning
  • Document Indexing
  • Data Formatting
  • Conversion to HTML/XML

Data Entry Services

We pay close attention to the requirement of your task specifically. Our professionals ensure proper audit accuracy and follow a dual keying system for complex data entry tasks. Also, we have specialists with complete knowledge of error tracking and rectification.

Our Data Entry Services include:
  • Invoice Data Entry
  • Check Stubs Data Entry
  • Bank Statements Data Entry
  • Time sheets Data Entry
  • Legal Documents Data Entry
  • Financial Reports Data Entry
  • Forms Data Entry
  • Historical Data Entry
  • CRM Data Entry

eCommerce Data Management

We offer the best quality eCommerce data management for industries. We have a team of eCommerce experts with many years of experience working on various businesses or niches. Our team researches your business to understand and analyze your target audience carefully. 

Our eCommerce Data Management Services

  • Product Catalog Data Entry

– Hardcopy Product Catalog Conversion

– PDF Product Catalog Conversion

– Web based Product Catalog Conversion

Data Mining Services

Data mining services are open to all types of industries and all forms of research and studies. We are a customer-focused company that strives to work based on customers’ specifications. 

Our Data Mining Services

  • Data Scraping Services

– Website Data Scraping

– Product Data Scraping

Our Process


Requirement Analysis

We go through your requirements in detail to understand the scope and send you our understanding of your project requirements and suggestions.


Data Sampling

Upon receiving further inputs we execute a pilot project or sample work and send the results for your review. This sampling process ensures that we meet your quality requirements.


Cost Estimation

Upon approval of the sample work, we provide you with our cost estimates based on our pricing models as applicable to the type of project and its deliverables.


Resources Allocation

Once we agree to the pricing, terms and conditions, we allocate resources as required by the project’s turnaround time.



Once the team is assigned, they will be imparted with training process based on the project requirements.



The team will be reporting the team leads/project manager with the status of the project on daily basis or as per the project type.


Quality Control

Once the deliverables are ready, it will be subjected to quality control process wherein the accuracy of the data is checked and if it meets the set quality parameters then its approved for delivery.



After approval of the deliverables by the QC team then it will be delivered to the client as per the turnaround time agreed.



Finally upon receipt of the deliverables by the client, we request for their feedback about the quality, turnaround, and experience with the team. We offer support as and when required by the client.

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